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The thing about us


If you have ever had the following experience you will know exactly what I’m talking about.


When I was sixteen, my girlfriend’s parents invited me to dinner.  I vividly remember getting ready in my bathroom mirror while I brainstormed all of the charming & insightful things I would say at that night’s dinner. (What I should have been doing was figuring out how a normal person dresses at a casual family dinner.  I chose instead to wear a sport coat.)


I bring this up to explain the challenge of writing an “About Us” introductory note.  The intention is to encapsulate everything that your clients & future clients need to know about you in a finite amount of space & time.  You have a small window to present the smartest, best-smelling version of yourself.  It’s a lot like meeting your girlfriend’s parents.  To that end, when asked who we are as a company, the short answer is that we are lucky & we are thankful.


Lucky in the sense that every day we get the chance to wake up and do what we love. You would never believe how excited we get over the possibilities of a new building product or a new stick of molding.  (Last week one vendor was showing us a new line of tiles that I talked incessantly about for hours.) I think about our client’s homes when I’m on vacation.  I’m sure my Dad & I have ruined more then one family dinner discussing the potential of changing a family’s floor plan in order to make the best living spaces possible.  I’m not kidding; we love what we do & feel lucky that we have the chance to do it everyday.


We are thankful in the sense that our clients allow us to tear out their kitchens & bathrooms & gut their master suites based on the belief and with full trust that we will put something back that warrants all the trouble.  And we do.  The dust & discomfort involved in remodeling someone’s home is never lost on me & even though we make every effort to minimalize the abrasion, we know it is never easy. I think about that while on vacation as well.


But it’s worth it.  It is SO worth it.


I don’t say this nearly enough so I will say it here again.  If you have ever cooked an entire meal for your family on a single burner electric hot plate while waiting for your new kitchen to be finished, thank you.  If you have ever hunkered down in a partially finished basement while waiting for us to complete your new addition, thank you.  Sincerely, thank you.  The faith that you place in our company allows us to wake up every day and feel lucky.  Lucky & thankful.


All the best,



Jason Hayse

David Hayse